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Cash & Insurance prices.

Individual therapy

55 minutes

$160 per session (billed to insurance)

✓ Customized treatments

✓ Growth monitoring

✓ Accountability where needed

✓ Insurance reimbursement option



75 minutes

$175 per session (billed to insurance)

✓ Custom treatment planning

✓ Growth acceleration

✓ Advanced insights

✓ Change orientated

✓ Insurance reimbursement option

Modern Integrative Therapy

Contact for customized pricing

✓ All inclusive

✓ Meet your individual needs

✓ Insurance reimbursement option

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Our therapy approaches work, and we are excited to work with you.

– Ginny J. Reyes, M.S., LPC., Owner

Frequently asked questions

Are these services covered by insurance?

In most cases yes, if out of network: a claim can also be filed for you. Healing hope is an in-network provider for BlueCross, Aetna, Compsych & ProviDrs Care. Most clients pay their copays, and insurance covers the rest.

When can we start?

Availability depends on when you can get in, there may be a waitlist. An initial session will be utilized to ensure a great match for both the client and the therapist.

Why do people need therapy?

Therapy can be helpful for everyone. It offers unique insights that can be found from a person observing, rather than driven by natural emotional responses.

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